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Photography is an important aspect of many lives. Whether it is to capture personal moments for friends, relatives or your own family or to promote your business, a great picture can make all the difference. Where can you find a reliable photographer? What are important factors in choosing a photographer? Why do I need professional photos done? These are common questions you might ask when approached with the idea or subject of hiring a professional. This article will provide important tips, advice and knowledge to answer any question you might have regarding your up and coming service.

Valdosta Photography Purpose

valdosta photography purposeWhat is the purpose of your inquiry? Are you looking to purchase a photography package to chronical your child’s growth over the course of a year or are you seeking professional help for your business? There is a perfect photographer or a team of photographers who are trained in the field and experienced enough to anticipate your every need. The first step in finding a photographer is to define your purpose. After you have come up with ideas the next step is to find the professional who can best meet your unique needs. Many photographers display their work on their own personal websites, social media pages like Facebook or Instagram, or have a great word of mouth following. Talking with your friends or other business professionals can give great references to photographers who are experienced with your particular wishes.

Special events

valdosta photography special eventsYou will want a professional photographer at the most special events in your life. Engagement pictures are taken before the couple is married. The couple will then send out save the dates or wedding invitations with the photos that capture their love and their story. If you wish to use the same photographer for your wedding ask if there are special discounts or rates that can be applied to your service for using them multiple times. If you choose to use a photographer through a hotel or event planning service make sure you are able to take time and meet with them before committing. Some locations will bundle services as well, making your choice easy and a money saver.

Bridal party and wedding action photos are some of the most treasured memories a newlywed couple has. Friends and family can be included in photos that will be used by multiple people for years to come. Expert photographers will easily capture the atmosphere, joy and love surrounding you and your bridal party as well as invited guests.

Some brides give their groom a gift before the ceremony, they can include boudoir shots for their soon to be husband’s eyes only. Dress up, down or as a pin up to give a very personalized touch on your special moment with your man.


valdosta photography familyIf you are looking for family photographers here are some important key factors to keep in mind!

Make sure it is the time of year you wish to send out on a card or display in your home. If you want pictures that showcase the beautiful seasonal changes of winter to spring contact a photographer ahead of time in order to schedule a landscape suitable to your needs.

Research or ask your photographer on coordinating outfits for your family, especially if you have children. Your photographer might have great ideas on how to make your family pop in coordination with the area you have chosen. If you have hired a photographer for a birthday party give them helpful tips on what to expect once there. Who knows, they might even have event planning advice for you!

Ask if the photographer or studio provides packages in order to specialize your photos in the way you wish to display them. Often a photographer will offer a CD enabling you to print and size to your liking. This makes it easier for you to pick and choose how you decorate your home with your newest shots. Remember, often times this costs extra. Also, photographers often have great ideas for kids! Relay their favorite hobbies, sports they are involved in and incorporate those into their shots.

Maternity and Newborn

valdosta photography maternity and newbornShare the most important time of your growing families’ lives with your closest friends and family with maternity or newborn shots. Maternity shots can be offered at all stages of pregnancy but often women will choose to be photographed when their bellies are most prominent, but with enough time before the birth. Pose in the new nursery or select a beautiful backdrop that is important to you and your partner to display your journey as a new parent. After the baby or babies are born newborn shots are some of the cutest and easiest to take. If possible, schedule a photographer to come to your house right after the baby is born. Sleepy babies make for easier subjects to capture at your house or in portrait studios.


valdosta photography professiona&businessThe real estate market is a great place for fab finds. Houses can be captured in their best light with a professional who is seasoned in taking photos for real estate purposes. Hire a photographer if you are selling your house and want the outside and inside on display to attract potential buyers.

If you are in the fashion industry or looking to find your way into Hollywood specialized photographers can be selected to add your headshots to your portfolio. Headshots whether personal, nior headshots, pin-up, or business related can advertise yourself along with a resume to take to business interviews or auditions. Having an updated headshot can make or break the availability to get the part you want. An aged headshot is misleading; keep your portfolio updated as often as possible to get the jobs you want.


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